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Newsletter Articles

The articles on this page provide valuable information on timely and interesting financial issues from recent months across a variety of subject areas, including retirement, investments, personal finance, insurance, taxes, college and government benefits.

April 2017 Newsletter

Converting Retirement Savings to Retirement Income (Apr)
Four Ways to Double the Power of Your Tax Refund (Apr)
Spring Cleaning Your Finances (Apr)
What are bond ratings? (Apr)
What bond ratings do agencies use? (Apr)

March 2017 Newsletter

401(k) Withdrawals: Beware the Penalty Tax (Mar)
Due Date Approaches for 2016 Federal Income Tax Returns (Mar)
Investing That Makes an Impact (Mar)
Why Diversification Matters (Mar)
Why a Life Insurance Claim May Be Denied (Mar)
Table: Federal Student Loans for College (Mar)
Will I owe income taxes when I sell my home? (Mar)
What happens to my property if I die without a will? (Mar)
Do I need to file a gift tax return? (Mar)
What are some tips for creating a home inventory? (Mar)
How can I prepare financially for stormy weather? (Mar)
Encouraging a Culture of Philanthropy in Your Business (Mar)
Buying a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle (Mar)

February 2017 Newsletter

What's the difference between a direct and indirect rollover? (Feb)
Can the IRS waive the 60-day IRA rollover deadline? (Feb)
Grandparents Can Help Bridge the College Cost Gap (Feb)
Tax Tips for the Self-Employed (Feb)
Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Social Security Retirement Benefits? (Feb)

January 2017 Newsletter

How can I pay off the credit card debt I racked up over the holidays? (Jan)
I get so many credit card reward offers. How do I know which one to choose? (Jan)
Growth, Value, or Both (Jan)
Key Retirement and Tax Numbers for 2017 (Jan)
Medicare and Medicaid: What's the Difference? (Jan)

December 2016 Newsletter

What should I know before doing my holiday shopping online? (Dec)
What do you need to know about chip-card technology? (Dec)
How can technology help me manage my money? (Dec)
I received a new job offer but the salary is low. Should I make a counteroffer? (Dec)
What should I evaluate when considering a new job offer? (Dec)
Don't Forget to Include Memory Loss When Planning for Retirement (Dec)
Tax Credits and Deductions for College (Dec)
Pooled Income Fund: A Charitable Gift That Provides Income to You (Dec)
What It Means to Be a Financial Caregiver for Your Parents (Dec)
The Giving Season: Six Tips for Making Smart and Effective Charitable Donations This Holiday Season
Should You Auto-Enroll Employees in Your 401(k) Plan? (Dec)
Balanced Funds: Seeking Growth and Stability (Dec)
Playing Catch-Up with Your 401(k) or IRA (Dec)

November 2016 Newsletter

Should I accept my employer's early-retirement offer? (Nov)
What are my health-care options if I retire early? (Nov)
Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials (Nov)
Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2016 (Nov)
Earnings Call: A Closer Look at Financial Reports (Nov)
What changes can I make during this year's Medicare Open Enrollment Period? (Nov)
Do I need to make any changes to my Medicare coverage for next year? (Nov)
Pretax, Roth, or After-Tax Contributions: Which Should You Choose? (Nov)
Are You Ending 2016 Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise? (Nov)
Will vs. Trust: Is One Better Than the Other? (Nov)

October 2016 Newsletter

Earnings Call: A Closer Look at Financial Reports (Oct)
Ten Year-End Tax Tips for 2016 (Oct)
Top Financial Concerns of Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and Millennials (Oct)
What are my health-care options if I retire early? (Oct)
Should I accept my employer's early-retirement offer? (Oct)

September 2016 Newsletter

Quiz: Test Your Interest Rate Knowledge (Sep)
How to Get a Bigger Social Security Retirement Benefit (Sep)
What is the most important component of GDP in the United States? (Sep)
Common Questions About Student Loan Repayment (Sep)
Substantiating Your Charitable Gifts (Sep)
The Importance of Saving for Retirement at a Young Age (Sep)
Five Things to Know About Inherited IRAs (Sep)
Retain and Reward Key Employees with an Executive Bonus Plan (Sep)
Clusters, Crowdfunding, and Other Ways Small Businesses Survive (Sep)
How is GDP calculated in the U.S.? (Sep)
What is an ABLE account? (Sep)
Is an ABLE account subject to federal tax? (Sep)
I'm thinking about asking my parents to move in with me and my family. Is there anything I need to consider? (Sep)

August 2016 Newsletter

Investors are Human, Too (Aug)
Be Prepared to Retire in a Volatile Market (Aug)
Understanding the Net Investment Income Tax (Aug)
Should I pay off my student loans early or contribute to my workplace 401(k) (Aug)
Have you heard about the newest employee perk (Aug)

July 2016 Newsletter

Mid-Year 2016: An Investment Reality Check (Jul)
Q&As on Roth 401(k)s (Jul)
Finding and Claiming Forgotten Funds (Jul)
I have matured U.S. savings bonds. Are they still earning interest and, if not, can I roll them over
How many types of government savings bonds are there, and what's the difference between them? (Jul)

June 2016 Newsletter

Projecting a Happy Retirement (Jun)
Surviving the College Application Process (Jun)
Life Insurance Options After Retirement (Jun)
Debt Optimization Strategies (Jun)
Common Financial Wisdom: Theory vs. Practice (Jun)
Four Reasons Why People Spend Too Much (Jun)
Should You Buy or Lease Your Next Vehicle? (Jun)
Step-Up GRATs and QPRTs (Jun)
Can I make charitable contributions from my IRA in 2016? (Jun)
Can I name a charity as beneficiary of my IRA? (Jun)
What are the new rules for college campus-sponsored debit and prepaid credit cards? (Jun)
My daughter is about to start college. What does she need to know about opening her first checking a
What do I need to know about home sharing sites like Airbnb? (Jun)

May 2016 Newsletter

What are some tips for organizing financial records? (May)
How long should I keep financial records? (May)
Nearing Retirement? Time to Get Focused (May)
Four Lessons Grandparents and Grandchildren Can Learn Together (May)
Understanding Stock Market Indexes (May)

April 2016 Newsletter

Six Potential 401(k) Rollover Pitfalls (Apr)
When Disaster Strikes: Deducting Casualty Losses (Apr)
What's New in the World of Higher Education? (Apr)
What is the federal funds rate? (Apr)
Chart: Tracking the Fed (Apr)

March 2016 Newsletter

Rates on the Rise: Strategies for Fixed-Income Investors (Mar)
Protecting Your Business from Cyber Threats (Mar)
Life Insurance and Terminal Illness (Mar)
Cost of Living: Where You Live Can Affect How Rich You Feel (Mar)
Can You Get to a Million Dollars? (Mar)
Pros and Cons of Working from Home (Mar)
What You Need to Know About Private Student Loans (Mar)
Earn Too Much for a Roth IRA? Try the Back Door! (Mar)
How long will I have to pay for private mortgage insurance? (Mar)
Should I loan my child money for a down payment on a house? (Mar)
What information will I need before shopping for an auto insurance policy? (Mar)
What do I need to know about the deductible on my auto insurance? (Mar)
Can you separate college financial aid myths from facts? (Mar)

February 2016 Newsletter

Changes to Social Security Claiming Strategies (Feb)
Filing Your 2015 Federal Income Tax Return (Feb)
Quiz: Which Birthdays Are Financial Milestones? (Feb)
What are required minimum distributions (RMDs)? (Feb)
Should I delay taking my first RMD? (Feb)

January 2016 Newsletter

Assessing Portfolio Performance: Choose Your Benchmarks Wisely (Jan)
Estate Planning Strategies in a Low-Interest-Rate Environment (Jan)
Are There Gaps in Your Insurance Coverage? (Jan)
I'm thinking about storing financial documents in the cloud. What should I know? (Jan)
What's the best way to back up my digital information? (Jan)

December 2015 Newsletter

When a Saver Marries a Spender, Every Penny Counts (Dec)
A Military Buyback May Increase Your Pension Payout (Dec)
Operating at the Intersection of Profits and Values (Dec)
Give Your Retirement Plan an Annual Checkup (Dec)
Periodic Review of Your Estate Plan (Dec)
When 401(k) Plans Go Bad--Avoiding Disqualification (Dec)
Financial Tips for Going Back to College at Any Age (Dec)
What to Know About Buying a Fixer-Upper (Dec)
What is a phased retirement? (Dec)
Are federal employees eligible for phased retirement? (Dec)
What do I need to know about submitting the FAFSA? (Dec)
What happens after I file the FAFSA? (Dec)
What is compound interest? (Dec)

November 2015 Newsletter

What do I need to do to create a will? (Nov)
Don't Forget About Year-End Investment Planning (Nov)
Think Twice Before Counting on a COLA (Nov)
Dealing with Medical Billing Issues (Nov)
How do I change or revoke a will? (Nov)

October 2015 Newsletter

Six Common 401(k) Plan Misconceptions (Oct)
2015 Year-End Tax Planning Basics (Oct)
Frequently Asked Questions on Opening a 529 Plan Account (Oct)
My employer now offers wellness benefits as part of its employee benefits package. But what are they? (Oct)
How do I compare my health insurance options during open enrollment? (Oct)

September 2015 Newsletter

Correlation and Portfolio Performance (Sep)
Tips for Women Entrepreneurs (Sep)
Three Smart Moves for Young Adults (Sep)
Six Life Insurance Beneficiary Mistakes to Avoid (Sep)
Taxes, Retirement, and Timing Social Security (Sep)
Same-Sex Couples: When You Marry, Who Should Be Notified? (Sep)
Rollover as Business Start-Up (ROBS) (Sep)
Three Tax Planning Concepts (Sep)
I've recently changed my legal name. Do I need to change my name on my Social Security card? (Sep)
How can I protect my Social Security number from identity theft? (Sep)
What is a balloon loan? (Sep)
Cartoon: Balloon Loan (Sep)
How will driving for a ride-sharing service affect my auto insurance? (Sep)
What should I consider as a ride-sharing service passenger? (Sep)

August 2015 Newsletter

Financial Mistakes People Make at Different Ages (Aug)
Five Ways to Manage Risk in Your Retirement Savings Plan (Aug)
The Cost of Credit (Aug)
What return are you really earning on your money? (Aug)
What is asset allocation? (Aug)

July 2015 Newsletter

What's New in the Housing Market for 2015? (Jul)
Prepaid Funeral Arrangements Can Have Grave Consequences (Jul)
What is the Roth 401(k) five-year rule? (Jul)
What is the Roth IRA five-year rule? (Jul)

June 2015 Newsletter

It's Complicated: Money and Happiness (Jun)
Qualified Longevity Annuity: Income Protection for a Long Life (Jun)
Reviewing Your Finances Mid-Year (Jun)
Planned Charitable Giving (Jun)
Millennials vs. Boomers: How Wide Is the Gap? (Jun)
Three College Savings Strategies with Tax Advantages (Jun)
Why Businesses Need a Disaster Preparedness Program (Jun)
Age-Based Tips for Making the Most of Your Retirement Savings Plan (Jun)
How important are dividends in the S&P 500's total returns? (Jun)
Are stock dividends reliable as a source of income? (Jun)
What should I do to get my legal life in order before deployment? (Jun)
Are you missing out on some valuable veterans benefits? (Jun)
What is a myRA? (Jun)

May 2015 Newsletter

What is this new chip-card technology I've been hearing about in the news? (May)
How Does Divorce Affect Social Security Retirement Benefits? (May)
Avoiding Probate: Is It Worth It? (May)
Self-Directed IRAs (May)
Am I liable for unauthorized transactions on my debit card? (May)

April 2015 Newsletter

Retirement Withdrawal Rates (Apr)
When Your Child Asks for a Loan, Should You Say Yes? (Apr)
How Does Your 529 Plan Stack Up Against the Competition? (Apr)
I owe a large amount of money to the IRS. Can I pay what I owe in installments? (Apr)
Will I have to pay a penalty tax if I don't have qualifying health insurance? (Apr)

March 2015 Newsletter

Do I need to purchase flood insurance even if I don't live in a high-risk area for floods? (Mar)
Will I have to pay a penalty tax if I withdraw money from my IRA for a down payment on a house? (Mar
Should I become a franchise owner? (Mar)
Is there a new one-rollover-per-year rule for 2015? (Mar)
How much can I contribute to my IRA in 2015? (Mar)
Estate Planning for a Second Marriage (Mar)
Special Needs Trusts (Mar)
Evaluating College Acceptances (Mar)
The Cost of Waiting (Mar)
Last-Minute Tax Tips (Mar)
Converting Your After-Tax 401(k) Dollars to a Roth IRA (Mar)
Don't Underestimate the Need for Disability Insurance (Mar)
Points to Consider If Your Retirement Goal Seems Out of Reach (Mar)

February 2015 Newsletter

Key Numbers for 2015 (Feb)
10 Financial Terms Everyone Should Know (Feb)
Should Life Insurance Be Part of Your Retirement Plan? (Feb)
Should I be worried about a Federal Reserve interest rate hike? (Feb)
How can I try to manage the impact of an interest rate hike? (Feb)

January 2015 Newsletter

Healthy Resolutions Can Pay Off (Literally) (Jan)
No Matter What Your Age, Your Social Security Statement Matters (Jan)
All About IPOs (Jan)
When do I need to submit college financial aid forms? (Jan)
Do you understand the definition of financial aid? (Jan)

December 2014 Newsletter

Four Questions to Ask Before You Open Your Wallet (Dec)
The IRS Taxpayer Bill of Rights (Dec)
Job Hunting in the Digital Jungle (Dec)
Helping Your Parents Manage Their Finances (Dec)
Importance of Timing a Roth IRA Conversion: An Example (Dec)
Is Your Marketing Plan Stuck in the 20th Century? (Dec)
Saving for College: 529 Plans vs. Roth IRAs (Dec)
Tips for Stress-Free Travel This Holiday Season (Dec)
How can college students save and spend money wisely? (Dec)
I'm having trouble paying my student loans. Do I have any options? (Dec)
How can I save on my heating bills this winter? (Dec)
Is it possible to accidentally disinherit my heirs? (Dec)
How do I purposefully disinherit an heir? (Dec)

November 2014 Newsletter

Saving or Investing: Is There a Difference? (Nov)
Investor, Know Thyself: How Your Biases Can Affect Investment Decisions (Nov)
Open Enrollment Season Is Here: Give Your Benefits a Check Up (Nov)
Do I have to pay an additional tax on investment income? (Nov)
How can I manage the net investment income tax? (Nov)

October 2014 Newsletter

Prepare Now for a Year-End Investment Review (Oct)
Leaving Assets to Your Heirs: Income Tax Considerations (Oct)
Retiring and Relocating? Don't Neglect State Taxes! (Oct)
What factors could negatively impact my credit report? (Oct)
I'm looking to buy a home. What are some common mortgage mistakes to avoid? (Oct)

 September 2014 Newsletter

The Potential Pitfalls of DIY Estate Planning (Sep)
My qualified personal residence trust has terminated. What do I do now? (Sep)
Should I unwind my qualified personal residence trust? (Sep)
Should I co-sign my daughter's private student loan? (Sep)
I just learned that my credit- and debit-card information was part of a data breach. What should I d
Is It Time to Invest in Yourself for a Change? (Sep)
Taking a Career Break? Consider These Helpful Tips (Sep)
I'm purchasing a new laptop. Should I also purchase an extended warranty to go along with it? (Sep)
Quiz: How Much Do You Know about Social Security? (Sep)
Bitcoin: Digital Future or Frenzy? (Sep)
What's All the Talk about Crowdfunding? (Sep)
What Is the Federal Reserve and What Does It Do? (Sep)
Financial Myths, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings (Sep)
10 Basic Tax To-Dos for the Rest of 2014 (Sep)

August 2014 Newsletter

A View of Health Care from Around the World (Aug)
Retirement Myths and Realities (Aug)
How the Windsor Decision Affects Retirement Plans (Aug)
Why are you paying more at the pump? (Aug)
Chart: Ten-Year History of U.S. Average Gas Prices (Aug)

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